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Classic Motorcycle Modern Car
If only all insurance companies gave the level of service you do.
Edmund Knauer

RH classic car insurance

We have pioneered insurance that covers your classic car on its journey from dream to reality, with specialist benefits that our customers really appreciate as standard.

Benefits that come as standard:

Cherished salvage

UK & European recovery

European cover

Personal accident cover

Unlimited windscreen cover

Rallies cover

Dismantled parts

return on all vehicles over 20 years old - automatic and free of charge. Most competitors offer you the right to 'buy back' your salvage. So, with RH you will receive your agreed value payout in full AND your salvage - free of charge

all policies include UK & European breakdown and recovery plus home service

you are automatically covered for up to 90 days in any one trip

up to £5,000 while travelling in any private vehicle

nationwide replacement windscreen service (subject to a £75.00 excess and £10.00 repair charge)

automatic cover included for club rallies

covered up to the value of the vehicle subject to being kept in a locked garage

To make sure that your policy is relevant to your vehicle and your circumstance we offer the following,
additional benefits as options.

Options for you to tailor your policy:

Multi vehicle

Limited mileage

Laid up

Agreed value


Uninsured losses - legal expenses



Standard Terms

combine your classic and modern vehicles onto a single insurance policy, providing there is a minimum of 3 cars, the majority being classic

the fewer miles you travel in a year, the less you pay

is your classic taking a rest or awaiting restoration? This cover applies whilst your vehicle, its accessories and spare parts are kept in a locked garage/building. The vehicle is also covered whilst it is temporarily out of the garage ie whilst you are exhibiting it or having it repaired in the UK. The vehicle is also covered whilst in transit to or from the exhibition or repairer's premises. The agreed value option is available on all laid up policies

we understand that if you've spent thousands restoring your classic to A1 condition, you don't want to accept a 'market value' settlement in the event of a total loss. We can offer agreed valuation on your policy by having either your club insurance officer or an independent expert inspect your Classic and agree an appropriate level of cover to reflect its true value, so there will be no nasty surprises if the worst does happen. The vehicle needs to be kept garaged to qualify for agreed value cover

spread over 10 months by direct debit facilities

legal costs and expenses are covered up to £100,000. The policy covers you against the legal costs and expenses incurred in the pursuit of a civil claim against a defendant arising from a road traffic accident resulting in:
  • damage to your vehicle
  • damage to your personal property
  • your injury or death
please refer to our policy booklet for full details

the minimum excess is £50.00 but could be higher depending on underwriting criteria and year of manufacture

when left unattended reasonable precautions need to be taken to prevent theft, including removing the keys and locking the vehicle